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WJFTC Community Projects

Slave River

Slave River Park was one of the largest slave markets.

Makandal Daaga

The Makandal Daaga Library and Museum.

Princess Town

Princess Town, also known as ‘Prince’s Town’.

Moore Town

The conquest of Jamaica by the English in 1655.


Agona-Ashanti occupies a very great place.

Santa Maria

Afromexican native dance, Danza de los Diablo.





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International Junkanoo Festival of Culture and Tourism, 2024

Vendors Showcasing the Colors and Flavors of Africa

The International African Festival of Culture and Tourism invites vendors to be part of this vibrant, diverse, and cultural celebration, offering an extraordinary platform to showcase and sell their products and services to an estimated audience of 50,000+ attendees.

Opportunity for Vendors

The festival presents a great opportunity for vendors to immerse visitors in the captivating tapestry of African culture through a wide array of products, including traditional clothing, authentic handcrafted art, flavorful cuisine, and other unique services. As part of the festival’s commitment to promoting cultural exchange, the Vendor Marketplace aims to create an authentic and immersive experience for festival-goers, providing a gateway to the diverse and mesmerizing offerings of Africa.

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Vendors Showcasing, Craftsmanship & Skills

IJFCT vendors can set up interactive booths, showcasing their skilled craftsmanship and providing live demonstrations of traditional art forms. Additionally, service providers related to African tourism, art, and culture can promote their offerings and connect with potential customers, creating meaningful partnerships and expanding their networks.

Who We’re Partnering With

Some IJFCT 2024 Partnering Companies

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Vendor Packages

Vendors have the option to choose from various packages, tailored to accommodate their specific needs and preferences. To join as a vendor, interested parties can easily select and complete one of the packages below.

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Platinum, Let’s Get Started…

The Platinum Vendor package offers prime booth locations in high-traffic areas, extensive promotion through social media, inclusion in the festival’s official program guide, and a featured mention on the festival website.

Gold, Let’s Get Started…

The Gold Vendor package includes booth space at designated vendor zones, logo placement on festival banners, and recognition in select promotional materials.

Silver, Let’s Get Started…

For vendors seeking more budget-friendly options, the Silver Vendor package offers standard booth space with exposure in festival brochures and social media posts.

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