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Slave River

Slave River Park was one of the largest slave markets.

Makandal Daaga

The Makandal Daaga Library and Museum.

Princess Town

Princess Town, also known as ‘Prince’s Town’.

Moore Town

The conquest of Jamaica by the English in 1655.


Agona-Ashanti occupies a very great place.

Santa Maria

Afromexican native dance, Danza de los Diablo.





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About the IJFTC

Festival History: Share the origins of the event, the purpose behind its creation, and how it has evolved over the years.

The event is built on traditions 1700s passed on from Slavery to the New Worlds of the Caribbean and Southern America. The masquerades, drumming, and dancing were all cultural forms that were taken from mainland Africa to the Southern United States, Bahamas, Jamaica, Belize, etc.

Myths have it that, the slaves went to beg for a special day of celebration and they were given Boxing Day, the 26th of December for this celebration.

The African slaves then used the event to mimic their slave masters by assigning characters and dress forms. Aside from this, it was the only day in the year when the slaves would not be forced to work.

Cultural Significance

The festival is a bridge between mainland Africa, the Caribbean, and all the Afro-descendants in the Diaspora, from Europe, Asia, the Pacific, and South America. It’s a means to bring us together to celebrate our cultural heritage, entertain ourselves, and use the platform to educate the current generations of the age-long tradition making them understand the history behind the celebrations.

The Event has been chosen to take place in Canada because it’s the most multicultural country in the world and over the years there has been a spring up of Black Empowerment Organizations both social and economic ones.

Canada’s second capital Toronto is a commercial center, multicultural, and a perfect blend of a bigger city built on harmony, peace, and a sustainable environment. Toronto Pearson and Billy Bishop Airports contribute significantly to international arrivals in Canada. 

The strategic location of Canada also makes it accessible to Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and South America.

Mission and Vision

The mission of this event is to consolidate the gains made by the other Afro, Caribbean, and Afro Caribbean Festivals and add a significant historic perspective.

The Event will be aimed at giving intellectual platform to the academia and researchers to display and present their years of research in Areas like Heritage Tourism, Culture, Afro descendants, multiculralism and also Tourism development between Africa and the Caribbean.

The event will also offer people in the tourism sector, tourism operators, industry players and tourism administrative formulators to align with the Tourism Development Agenda of Canada specially building ties for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2026.

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Calling all enthusiastic individuals with a passion for culture and community! Be the heartbeat of the International African Festival of Culture and Tourism as a volunteer assistant. Register by January 1st, 2024.

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Become a part of the vibrant Vendor Marketplace at the IFTC 2024. Showcase your unique products and services to an estimated 50,000 attendees and connect with a diverse audience of culture enthusiasts. Register by January 1st, 2024.

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Are you an organization passionate about cultural diversity and community engagement? Join hands with us as a Partner Organization and be at the forefront of celebrating African culture and tourism. Register by January 1st, 2024.

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