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WJFTC Community Projects

Slave River

Slave River Park was one of the largest slave markets.

Makandal Daaga

The Makandal Daaga Library and Museum.

Princess Town

Princess Town, also known as ‘Prince’s Town’.

Moore Town

The conquest of Jamaica by the English in 1655.


Agona-Ashanti occupies a very great place.

Santa Maria

Afromexican native dance, Danza de los Diablo.





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Akeem Ogunmilade

Akeem Ogunmilade (Canada)

  • Ogunmilade, who hails from Ekiti State, Nigeria, is a certified accountant with degrees including a National Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma, BSc in Accounting, and a master’s degree in business administration, Akeem’s financial expertise is well-established. He’s an alumnus of the Nigerian College of Accountants, a certified National Accountant, and a member of the Certified Institute of Public Accountants UK.

Carlos Anthony (Canada)

  • Carlos Anthony is a filmmaker and author who writes about the experiences that Black men have historically avoided talking about. He has been recognized for his video web series, short story series, published essays, and short films that explore the themes of Black adolescence, fatherhood, fidelity, provision and work ethic, healthy relationships, sex and intimacy, overcoming addiction, and abuse. Shades of Black is his first novel. With his wife and children, Carlos lives in Windsor, Ontario.
Carlos Anthony
Dr. David Firang

Dr. David Firang (Canada)

  • Dr. David Firang is an Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Social Work at Trent University, Ontario, Canada. His research interest is in child welfare, immigrant transnationalism, housing, community development, and social policy issues. Prior to joining Trent University, Dr. Firang was an Assistant Professor (Ltd) at the University of Windsor’s School of Social Work. At the University of Windsor, Dr. Firang was a Curriculum Leader in Social Policy and Community Development courses in the MSW for Working Professionals Program.

Embau Moheni (Trinidad and Tobago)

  • Embau Moheni gained his socio-political consciousness during the Mass Movement in 1970, when he participated in demonstrations led by the National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) in Tobago. In 1983 he served on the Committee of Advisers to the Heads of Governments of CARICOM. A number of this committee’s proposals, with to more broad-based people involvement in CARICOM were adopted, encouraging a more “people-oriented” regional body. He served as Principal of Elizabeth’s College from 1993 to 2005 and as a member of the Board of Governors of the University of Trinidad & Tobago(UTT) in 2015.
Embau Moheni
Janet Edna Nyame

Janet Edna Nyame (Ghana)

  • Janet Edna Nyame at sixty-six years, is an accomplished educationist with 42 years’ experience in her teaching career. She has taught through the educational ladder from the basic to the tertiary levels in Ghana. She holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Management and a Bachelor’s in Home Economics all from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.
    She has vast experience in Local Governance starting from an Assembly Member to the Vice President of the National Association of Local Authorities of Ghana (NALAG).

Kabu Asante (Canada)

  • Mr. Kabu Asante is a Businessman, Community Leader, and Mentor to many. As President of The African Canadian Social Development Council, he oversees an organization that serves as the Umbrella Organization for the African Community. As a supporter of Endless Possibilities and a board member, he is very much involved in the direction of the organization. He supports the organization financially as well as with advice and networks through which Endless has accessibility to various communities and individuals who need our services.
Kabu Asante
Ronald Simms

Ronald Simms (Bahamas)

  • “The highest reward for man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it.” ~John Ruskin

    Ronald P. Simms is perhaps one of the finest musicians, entertainers, and producers in the Bahamian music industry today! In many circles, he has been named the “Resident Futurist.” Few can argue with that assertion or his credentials, as his name and production credits have thoroughly permeated the most major Bahamian festivals and events over the past thirty (40) years.

Sharon Parris-Chambers (USA)

  • Sharon Parris-Chambers was born in Kingston, Jamaica W.I. She is the Co-founder and President of PanaCarib Business Solutions, headquartered in Jamaica. A leader in the development of Health Tourism, Sharon was instrumental in helping to establish Jamaica as a Health and spa destination (2005-2009) by working collaboratively with Jamaica’s Ministry of Tourism and its agencies (Tourism Product Development Co. and Jamaica Tourist Board); Jamaica Promotions Company (JAMPRO) and the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC).
Sharon Parris Chambers

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